Friday, December 4, 2009

Tis' the Season for Change

Well, if you haven't heard Chad and I have left the warm weather of Arizona and traveled the 1000 miles back to Boise, ID just in time for 27 degree weather (that's how warm it is right now!). Chad's company did a batch of layoffs and we were the newest hire so that means we get to go... but due to luck and prayers Chad was able to work a seasonal job for the last month while I finished out the season at Dorian until we moved. We are currently staying with my parents while we job search (hopefully staying in Boise and moving into our house!!). I was able to transfer back to the Dorian Boise branch and we both love having family close by and also not having to use the GPS to go places!

Now for the exciting news...I decided Chad and I are the best secret keepers in the world (and it's a lot easier when you live in a different state from your family)! We are PREGNANT!!! On Sunday I will be 20 weeks along. Our little girl is already active, I can feel her moving, Chad is very anxious to feel her too, and will arrive on April 22, 2010! We told our families when we moved back to Boise Thanksgiving weekend and yesterday told my grandparents when they returned from visiting my cousins in Seattle. If you have seen me and I didn't say anything it's because we were waiting to tell the grandparents so I apologize, nothing personal! But, now the news is public and we are excited to share!! Congrats to all my friends who recently had babies or are on the same track as we are!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Our first concert

Chad and I finally went to a concert together and it couldn't have been better! It was an outdoor fest in a park, downtown Tempe. It started out being a little warm (yeah still in the 100s) but once the sun set it was super nice! The band lineup went like this:

Colbie Cailat
Gavin Rossdale (former lead singer of Bush)
The B-52's
Jason Mraz
Rob Thomas

Now you may ask why the B-52s? I have no idea, but the fact that I got to scream Love Shack along with the crazy old group made the whole thing worth it! Chad was super excited when he realized Gavin Rossdale was part of Bush- and who doesn't love Colbie and Jason? Great first concert!




Jason and Colbie

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Slide Rock

Sarah and I were finally able to escape the heat for a day and head for the mountains for a little bit of cooler weather (105 F) and some fun. Below: Slide Rock near Sedona AZ. We heard that this was the hot spot for people in the Pheonix area, but we were still amazed to see the amount of people there that day. The next two photos are of Sarah and I jumping from a 25-35 ft cliff located at the bottom part of the park. There was also a few higher jumps as well but this was the spot for the young guys to show how brave they were to the girls. Lucky me! Sarah's already made her choice.

Smaller cliff up the river for the (Free-Style Jumping) Ya! We know we have the moves.

The next few photos are of the slide rock on the upper part of the river. This part was more for the kids, but we loved it just as much.

If you are ever in the Phoenix area, we would definitely recommend visiting Slide Rock.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The 4th of July

Chad and I were able to go to McCall (Donnelly) over the fourth of July for my family reunion. We DROVE the whole way non stop. It was a crazy 17 hours after Chad working all day. But it was worth it to get to the cabin before everyone woke up. After the cabin we were able to go to the temple with Angelie to receive her endowments and then we went to lunch with Chad's family. On our way through Utah we were also able to stop and have lunch with Chad's Dad. So, we can say that it was a very successful trip. Here are some of our activities (there are a lot of pictures on this post but they are all fun so scroll to the end!):

Enjoying some time around the campfire with my sister Angelie and sister-in-law Melissa

Everynight we all have dinner together. Here we are enjoying Bob and Kim's delicious Sunday Italian.

There were some good rainstorms in the evenings but it made for great sunrises over the lake. This was taken from our back porch

Chad and I roastin some mallows

Okay, I thought this was pretty funny. My cousins brought their fishing rods so Chad tried his hand at fishing here's his fish, and the other picture is what the triplets caught. Haa haa

Chad is mastering the art of waterskiing

A self portrait of everyone in the boat.

It was a beautiful night with the low clouds. We were trying to catch the glass water. This is my cousin Jake

The triplets loved riding the tube. I became Aubrey's tube buddy. She was brave and even went with no hands!

Can you believe how big Tanner (my nephew) is and his red hair? I remember when the triplets were this big.

And of course this post wouldn't be complete without a picture of these three. It was really fun to be able to hang out with them. We hadn't seen them since Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Boys!

This is a 33rd Birthday shout out to my favorite twins!! Love you guys!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My little project

Chad and I found this headboard next to the dumpster at our complex (people throw away so much here! There is a couch every week) We checked it out and decided it was still good with a little TLC. So I sanded it down and restained it on our little porch. Then we decided to do our dresser to match it. My arm almost fell off from sanding but it was a fun project and now our furniture matches!



Computer Woes

A word to the not be cheap like me and not buy the anti-virus program when it expires because you will end up paying Best Buy $150 to fix it! I had some major viruses that froze my computer. They couldn't fix it so we ended up having to reboot my computer, meaning they delete EVERYTHING from the computer and take it back to factory settings! For those of you that know me I use the computer ALL the time. I might have had a little breakdown over all the music and programs lost but luckily I am obsessive about backing up pictures and did not lose one!!

Fun at the Zoo

My parents sent Chad and I a great gift in the mail a few weeks Entertainment Book, you know the one with a mass load of coupons in it? We decided since there was a break in the 100 degree weather (it was still high 90s) a couple weeks ago we would go exploring. I saw a coupon for a Wildlife Zoo and Aquarium. We were able to feed the giraffes and realized last year at almost the same exact time we went to the Colorado Springs Zoo for a meeting for Chad's work and we also fed the giraffes there! I guess we like em.

We tried doing the same faces...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Tis' the season for weddings!

May was a great month, not only were Chad and I able to celebrate our one year anniversary but we were able to enjoy a few other weddings!

First was my cousin Kyle and his wife Hailey. I was in Boise when they were married but Chad was able to make it to the reception here in Mesa. Congrats cuz and welcome to the family Hailey!

Next was one of my best friends Ashley aka George. We were able to attend the sealing, Brent is a boy version of George and we are super excited for them! I LOVE this picture of the six of us, it is a little High School Musicalish but you HAVE to have a jumping picture when it comes to us.

And last was Chad's cousin Joel and his wife Chelsey. They had a great sealing and also had a ring ceremony for her family. They couldn't have asked for better weather and the ceremony was gorgeous. Thanks for the Goodwood! Mmmm. Congrats guys!

Monday, June 1, 2009

One great year down, eternity to go!

Chad and I have now been married for a year! Time flies by, and mand has it been a busy year for us. We've lived in three states, graduated from school, got our first real job and much much more. For our anniversary we stayed at a little Bed and Breakfast in Greer, AZ. We went mountain biking, fly fishing and fed raccoons our graham crackers while enjoying some hot chocolate on our porch. It was a wonderful weekend in cooler temperatures!

We also stayed with one of Chad's co-worker's family. Their mini horse mated with a donkey and produced this:

I caught a fish my first time fly fishing!

Our little missionaries

Two out of my mom's seven kids are now on missions to Japan. Haley entered the MTC in May and Sam has been in Japan for a year now! We miss them both but are super excited for them.