Saturday, August 8, 2009

Slide Rock

Sarah and I were finally able to escape the heat for a day and head for the mountains for a little bit of cooler weather (105 F) and some fun. Below: Slide Rock near Sedona AZ. We heard that this was the hot spot for people in the Pheonix area, but we were still amazed to see the amount of people there that day. The next two photos are of Sarah and I jumping from a 25-35 ft cliff located at the bottom part of the park. There was also a few higher jumps as well but this was the spot for the young guys to show how brave they were to the girls. Lucky me! Sarah's already made her choice.

Smaller cliff up the river for the (Free-Style Jumping) Ya! We know we have the moves.

The next few photos are of the slide rock on the upper part of the river. This part was more for the kids, but we loved it just as much.

If you are ever in the Phoenix area, we would definitely recommend visiting Slide Rock.