Saturday, December 6, 2008


During Thanksgiving Break we went to the football game. It was a nice night and we watched the Broncos complete an undefeated season.

Haley and Angelie came and Peter made it too!

Tyler is the best ball boy ever, and my gramps and dad are the best fans.

Study Break

Chad has been working super hard in school so a few weeks ago, before it started getting too cold I took Chad to Ste Chapelle and we had a picnic overlooking the vineyards. The jumping picture was a challenge this time but after about 15 trys (no joke) we came up with this.

Flashback time!

I put these pictures up much to the dismay of Chad! Last month Chad came and worked another dance with me. The theme had something to do the with 80's so we did a quick timed picture of ourselves. Im happy every single day that I got to marry a man like Chad, even if he did have a mullet and wore white tennis shoes with dress pants. Love you Chad!