Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Decision '08

Along with the election decision Chad and I have been trying to decide what we are going to be doing come January and the decision has been made!!

We will be moving to Phoenix, AZ where Chad will be working as a Project Engineer for McCarthy Construction.

We will be sad to leave family but will not deny we are looking forward to warm weather!

Halloween Happenings

To start our Halloween Week off, we had FHE with my family and carved our pumpkins. Chad and I are enjoying spending our first Holidays together!

Everyone with their finished products!!!
All week my mom helped us make our costumes! Isn't she amazing?? We went as Nacho libre and Incarnacion. On Halloween day, I worked and Chad went to school. That night we went to dinner with Joel and Chelsea and then played games for a while. We called it a night early because on Saturday Chad got to take an 8 hour test!!!! Later that night we went to a Halloween party and had some fun! Thanks Tab, Kasha, and Jen- it was awesome!
(L)-Us, (R)-Chad and his sister Tabitha at the party

We danced a lot of the night, Chad had a LOT of fun role playing Nacho!

Chad seems to be winning a lot lately but he won the Funniest costume award! And I had to throw the other picture in: it is Aaron, Melissa, the triplets and Tanner. They went as Snap, Crackle and Pop. Aaron was milk, Melissa the spoon and Tanner the strawberry! Good work guys.