Friday, July 25, 2008

We do have friends!

So we have made friends with our next door neighbors, the Blads. Last weekend we went up to the park and did a hike then roasted some mallows with them! Eden, their youngest daughter, is starting to warm up to Chad. Too bad we are leaving in two weeks! It was fun to take the girls to the waterfall- they have been living in a small town in Arizona and had never seen one before.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Happy 32nd Boys! Love ya!

Camping in Estes

Well, last weekend we had another successful camping trip. We originally wanted to camp in Rocky Mountain National Park but it turns out you have to show up at like 5 am to get a camping spot so we were able to find a back roads spot 10 miles outside Estes Park. It was a beautiful spot and the weather was much warmer than the last camping trip!!! On Saturday we drove back into the park and did a hike that follows a bunch of lakes and streams that connect the lakes (see pics below).

When we stopped at the sign above there were SO many squirells. Had to take a picture!

Lake #1- Nymph Lake, it had lots of lilly pads in it!

Nymph lake is to our left and the Rockies right behind us.

One of the streams connecting Nymph to Dream Lake.

A little farther up the same fall.

Lake #2- Dream Lake

Again, there was a lot of snow! We were sliding all over to make the timed picture!

The final lake! It was beautiful- It is called Emerald lake. If you look closely you can see three waterfalls coming down off the mountain.

BEST of all! On the way home we saw a big horned sheep!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July/Peter's Visit

Peter (Chad's twin) came up from Vegas aka Hell to enjoy the cool air and visit his coolest new in-law, and I guess Chad too. It was fun getting to know Peter better because I only met him for a few hours before the wedding.

We had to take Peter to Rocky Mtn National Park! We found a waterfall hike...surprise, surprise. This one was about 8 miles round trip with numerous falls along the way. This one was at the beginning of the hike.

It is still cold enough that there was snow at the top of the mountain. This is our snowman we made.

Peter snapped this on the way back down the mountain, about 1/4 of the way back down. This is Cyclopse Cascades.

Chad and Peter both joined the Chaco sensation! But an 8 mile hike is not the best idea to try out your new shoes...poor Chad! Luckily there was a nice hiker that shared her first aid kit!

This is nature at its best! Welcome to Colorado.

No trip is complete without a little mini golf topped off with the batting cages.
Janice- this one's for you!
Chad and Peter enjoying the good ol' drive in movie
Ahhh, precious boys!

Chad and I waiting for the fireworks to begin at the City Park in Ft Collins.

While driving to our hike we came across this Catholic church. It was built in the early 1900s for a boys church camp. It was cool.

Colorado Fun

Here are some pictures of some things we have enjoyed doing in Colorado:

A lady from work told me that we should go hiking about a hour and a half from Fort Collins. We decided to take a drive up there one day to check it out and turns out it is actually Rocky Mountain National Park! The place is beautiful and we saw some amazing animals. This buck was chillin right in the middle of a campground- we approached him (which we later found out is against the law) for this pic. He was HUGE, when he was standing easily bigger than a horse!
This was the same day on a different road- there was three elk feeding right by the side of the road! Just for everyones information he was really this close (only about 10 feet)! Awesome!
This is just a small view of the park and the famous Rockies.
Chad and I like to play games together- this Jenga tower was Super tall!

One afternoon Chad and I rented these trikes and road on a bike path out to the foothills. They were really fun. Chad enjoyed using his bell trying to roll it, and ride on two wheels. We highly recommend them to anyone.

We found another waterfall driving up the Poudre River on our way to camp.

Chad and I at our campsite. It was a little chilly at night but our site overlooked a lake and was beautiful. Also, our tin foil dinner and breakfast was delicious!

On our way home from camping we found yet another waterfall. We wanted to see where this one was coming from so we hiked up this mountain with no trail and it turns out it comes right through the middle of the mountain. Someone blasted through it and put a cement trough for the water to come through. We also saw a badger on our hike. As you can tell, Colorado has a lot to offer!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Married life thus far...

Well, Melissa inspired us to create a blog and Chad got this all set up! We have been enjoying Colorado very much. Chad's company set us up in a pretty nice apartment right next to a beautiful park where we have been practicing our tennis skills and enjoying the bike paths that are EVERYWHERE! Chad found me a road bike on Craigs list and we like to cruise around town together. Work is going well, Chad is learning a lot on the job and enjoys his co-workers. We are new at blogging but hopefully this will last...

The Apartment