Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas 09

Chad and I enjoyed being back in Boise for the Christmas Season and with both families in town we kept busy! Here are some of our Holiday happenings:

1. My mom substituted the whole week before Christmas for a teacher whose mom passed away. Chad and I also volunteered at the school and redid her bulletin board. Chad made the big gingerbread man and house and I did all the borders and letters. Then the 1st grade class decorated the little gingerbread and peppermints...cute huh?

2. Decorating the Christmas tree is an event here. Our tree topper is a little unusual (a teddy bear), we rotate every year who gets to put the bear on and this year Chad got to! Chad, consider yourself official! The next picture is us in front of the finished tree.

3. Every year the whole Hobson family gets together and goes caroling. Last year it was freezing and this year it was actually not too bad and my stomach is still small enough that I can zip up my coat (always a plus!) - I don't think Chad knew the pic was being taken.

4. We spent Christmas Eve with my family because we were able to talk to Haley and Sam on their missions! They are both doing excellent and it was exciting to talk to them. We also decorate boxes to put our presents in Christmas morning. Chad and I combined and did Santa's sleigh with a reindeer. There wasn't much box left when we were done but I think it turned out great!

5. Dinner at Tucanos Brazilian Grill. This place is delicious and well worth it!!!!

6. Of course, Christmas Eve pajamas! These are some comfy sweats!

7. Christmas morning started early with opening our gifts to each other and from my family at the Hobson household then we went out to Nampa and spent the rest of the day and spent the night with Chad's family. Our big gift to ourselves was a new video camera so we can record all the baby events this year!

8. And last but not least on Christmas Day with Chad's whole family together and in town we did family pictures. I was super impressed we got it all done in 30 minutes!! Props to the Zwygarts!!


Heidi said...

Uh, Sarah... I think you must have over-eaten at Tucanos... your belly is hanging over your pants in the pics! J/K- you look SOOOO cute! And are one glowing pregnant lady! LOVE the pic of you and Chad together. Fun post! THANKS AGAIN for helping with the kids while WE went out. It was fun fun fun!

Mary Ann said...

1.) You are ONE CUTE prego lady!
2.) Tyler looks so OLD! I now officially feel old and arithitic after seeing how old he has gotten!
3.) The Zwygarts all look great together!
5.) You and Chad definitely have some great artistic and creative talents together (i.e. Santa sleigh box and Gingerbread bulletin board.
6.) When do you move to UTAH?! I hope you are only looking for jobs there (not that I'm biased or anything....)
PS Tell Mama and Papa Hobs hi for me;)

Halfords said...

Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas. And congrats on the pregnancy. Kids are so fun. I don't think I've added you to our blog. Send me your email and I'll add you.'s wife)

Tara said...

I may be mistaken, but that does look like a Del Sol shirt you're sporting there on Christmas Eve. Go Grand Cayman! Well, you look absolutely darling pregnant and I can't wait for pics of that curly little red head baby girl!

Juliann said...

cute pics Sarah! I like your Christmas box idea. We might be stealing that tradition!