Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Days = Busy Days

Where has the month of October gone? Life has been crazy here at the Zwygart household. If Chad and I are both home on the same weekend it is a blessing. I have been working a lot at Dorian. It was homecoming season so every Saturday night I spent at a high school dance. One weekend Chad was able to come cashier for me, it was super fun to have him on the job! I also traveled a couple of times one weekend to Tri-Cities and another to Seattle to work in their branches up there. Chad on the other hand has been going crazy with school. It seems like he just finished his mid-term tests and it is already time for the next ones. On top of that interview time has come. A few weekends ago Chad interviewed with a company in San Francisco. He enjoyed the beach but we did not receive that job. Then this last weekend he flew to Pheonix and interviewed there and we are waiting to hear back. While there the company rented a race track for the evening- Chad won first place and then was able to hook up with an old buddy, Roger before flying home. We have a lot of decisions to make! We would LOVE to stay in Boise but we'll see where life takes us. In what spare time we have we've been enjoying the beautiful fall weather we are having!! We are looking forward to November when we can enjoy some time together and with family.

Ping Pong is a very serious game...

After our afternoon of boating we had a ping pong tournament between couples and also indivduals. As you can tell from the picture we all took this very seriously and kept our game faces on. We had to have something to identify our teams with. Chad and I chose wigs. Also, props to Chad for winning the singles tournament!!

Showing off our tournament prizes & Chad and I after our first win!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Adventures at Lucky Peak

About a month ago (yeah I am really slow at posting things!) My friend George came to town for a visit. As luck has it, I had the Saturday off which isn't common! We started our day by going boating with her sister and brother-in-law. We knew it was going to be a little cold at the lake but we got something better than cold water...About a 1/2 hour into the trip a nice storm came up over the dam, bringing heavy rain, wind, thunder and lightning. We decided we better get off the lake ASAP seeing as we didn't want to die. So we took the boat out waited the storm and of course got back in. We were going to enjoy some hot chocolate but Kaley only brought hot water!

Here we are all sharing a little poncho trying to make it to the dock.

All we did was surf. In the picture on the left I was about to throw the rope into the boat but was busy singing along with "Good Fight" by Dashboard and crashed right after the pic was taken.

Chad and I enjoying the boat before the storm