Friday, December 4, 2009

Tis' the Season for Change

Well, if you haven't heard Chad and I have left the warm weather of Arizona and traveled the 1000 miles back to Boise, ID just in time for 27 degree weather (that's how warm it is right now!). Chad's company did a batch of layoffs and we were the newest hire so that means we get to go... but due to luck and prayers Chad was able to work a seasonal job for the last month while I finished out the season at Dorian until we moved. We are currently staying with my parents while we job search (hopefully staying in Boise and moving into our house!!). I was able to transfer back to the Dorian Boise branch and we both love having family close by and also not having to use the GPS to go places!

Now for the exciting news...I decided Chad and I are the best secret keepers in the world (and it's a lot easier when you live in a different state from your family)! We are PREGNANT!!! On Sunday I will be 20 weeks along. Our little girl is already active, I can feel her moving, Chad is very anxious to feel her too, and will arrive on April 22, 2010! We told our families when we moved back to Boise Thanksgiving weekend and yesterday told my grandparents when they returned from visiting my cousins in Seattle. If you have seen me and I didn't say anything it's because we were waiting to tell the grandparents so I apologize, nothing personal! But, now the news is public and we are excited to share!! Congrats to all my friends who recently had babies or are on the same track as we are!